Preservative-free naturally antimicrobial personal care products
Our most exciting product is Certified Orgasmic™, our amazing organic coconut oil based moisturizer. Made with 100% food grade, edible ingredients, it has no preservatives or chemicals, so it’s completely safe, and feels incredible. You and your partner will enjoy more satisfying intimacy and will never want to be without it.
If you have been looking for an organic, all-natural makeup remover with no chemicals, solvents, or alcohols, try our paraben free Organic Angel Girl makeup remover. Proper skin care emphasizes the complete removal of makeup before you turn in for the night. Makeup can clog pores and dry your skin out. It won’t sting your eyes or irritate your skin, and will leave your skin moisturized, nourished and healthy.
We also offer the legendary Four Thieves Natural Antibacterial and Antiviral Serum. According to legend, during the time of the Great Plague in Europe, there were four thieves who used a secret blend of essential oils on their skin to protect themselves while they robbed the plague victims. It worked, and they didn’t get sick. We have duplicated the formula using all natural and organic ingredients.

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