Talc-free body powder with organic non-GMO corn starch.

Why is it important to use a body powder that is talc-free? Cosmetic grade talcum powder is too finely ground to be safe. When inhaled, these fine particles can cause allergies and lung cancer. In fact, the hazardous inhalation effects of fine talc particles are similar to those of asbestos. Further distressing is that talc applied to the vaginal area may cause several female cancers, especially ovarian cancer. Research has confirmed the presence of talc particles in certain tumors. Cornstarch is a perfect substitute for talc and is in fact more absorbent.

This natural ingredient comes from the dehydrated interior of GMO-free corn kernels. We add white clay for its gentle ability to draw impurities from the skin without removing natural beneficial oils. Clay minerals also help with exfoliating, cleansing, and stimulating circulation. Use after your bath or shower for a complete, fresh, clean feeling all day. Also perfectly safe for use as a talc-free organic baby powder.

We call it SASANI™ – Skin As Soft As Nature Intended ™

  • Certified Vegan by Vegan Action
  • Non-GMO

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