Sulfate-free dog shampoo and flea repellent for healthy pets all year round!

Dogs are man’s best friend, which is why we make sure they stay healthy and happy all year round! For their next flea bath, wash your furry friend using our natural flea shampoo for dogs. It will not only show how much you care about your pet, but will help with dry, itchy skin and lackluster fur associated with chemically altered tick and flea shampoos. Our blends are natural pest deterrents. Essential oils like Cedarwood, Rosemary, Citronella and Lavender offer a healthier way to remove fleas from our best friends and keep those furry tails wagging.
Get Rid of Fleas Naturally
Fur Fresh™ by Beach Organics is the perfect companion to our all-natural dog shampoos. This natural flea treatment also gets rid of mosquitoes, other flying pests, biting insects such as horseflies, and other parasites like lice and mites. The secret is a customized blend of essential oils that contains no harsh chemicals or pesticides and imparts a scent that bugs don't like. This natural flea repellent for dogs is healthy for your pet and safe to use.