Get Rid of Fleas Naturally

Fur Fresh™ by Beach Organics is the perfect companion to our all-natural dog shampoos. This natural flea treatment also gets rid of mosquitoes, other flying pests, biting insects such as horseflies, and other parasites such as lice and mites.

The secret is a customized blend of essential oils that contains no harsh chemicals or pesticides and imparts a scent that bugs don’t like. One of the best essential oils for natural flea and tick control is Cedarwood. This is why cedar chests are used to keep moths out of clothes. Bugs don’t like the scent and stay away. It is also formulated with both aloe and Vitamin E to condition your dog’s coat and skin.

A natural flea repellent is safer for your dog.

Some of the expensive, nationally branded flea and tick medicines used on dogs are simply high-tech poisons. This is why you are instructed to apply the medicine on your dog’s back between their shoulders so they won’t lick it off and get sick. However, even applied on a dog’s fur, the medicine will soon come into contact with their skin and enter their bloodstream. This is not good for Fido. Your dog deserves a natural flea and tick spray.

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