Immerse yourself in our therapeutic mineral bath salts.

Our bath salts are made from authentic mineral salts harvested from the Dead Sea, pure essential oils, and botanical extracts. Rich in minerals and naturally scented, Beach Organics natural bath salts create a relaxing bathing experience to soothe away the stress of your day.

There’s just one place in the world where remarkable salt crystals are harvested for the beauty of your body. To ensure the best healing characteristics of our bath salts, we use only natural salts from the Israel’s Dead Sea, which is famous for its high concentration of the best minerals for your body. Pure Dead Sea Salt nourishes your skin gently with wondrous ingredients, while providing numerous natural minerals and moisturizing oils. The sea salt crystals are full of essential minerals that support beautiful skin. For example, they are much higher in concentrations of beneficial Magnesium, Calcium, and Potassium than regular table salt.

Available in Voyager, Beachcomber, First Light, Coastal Breeze, and Atlantis. Place a handful or two in your warm tub water and ease yourself in for a good, healthy soak. After your bath, use one of our talc-free body powders or aluminum free deodorants for all day freshness.

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