Beachcomber Body Spray

$15.99 $15.99

Created with the finest essential oils of Lemongrass and Vetiver.




Delight your senses with the essence of lemongrass and vetiver in an all-naturally scented body spray. Light, fresh, and sporty, the Beachcomber Body Spray is made to be sprayed directly on your skin right after your bath or shower – or later in the day if you like. You will love the natural ingredients of pure, distilled water and the special blend of the finest essential oils.
Our formulas are always paraben free and designed with your health in mind. Beachcomber body spray is light and brisk, yet irresistible! Can’t get enough of the scent? Use our body sprays to freshen carpets, cushions, drspery, or other home fabrics. If you have pets and need to deodorize their sleeping area, these essential oil sprays are the perfect solution

Contents 4.0 fl.oz.