Go Bug! Bug Repellent

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None of the toxins found in most bug sprays, no DEET, just pure water, Vitamin E for your skin, and an essential oil blend that insects don’t appreciate.


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All Natural Bug Repellent (4 fl. oz.)
Our all natural Go Bug! Bug Repellent does just that. Mosquitoes don’t land because they don’t like the smells and yet the ingredients are purified water and organic essential oils that are pure and non-toxic so you can use them daily without worrying. What could be a better solution than that? And because there are no chemical pesticides in our mosquito spray, you can use it on children to keep them safe! Enjoy the summer and don’t scratch a single bite! We keep it pure for you because skin cells soak up what you put on them. Go Bug! comes in a handy non-aerosol spray bottle that is convenient to use and effective in keeping you bite-free.