Minty Fresh Dog Shampoo

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Features essential oils of Cedarwood, Tea Tree, Lavender and Peppermint


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All Natural Shampoo for Your Dog (8.0 fl.oz.)
What a wonderful choice for your dog! Beach Organics Minty Fresh Dog Shampoo is the product you and your dog have been waiting for. No more wet dog odor or worse, pesticide smell from some commercial canine shampoos. Our all-natural shampoo contains essential oils of Peppermint, Lavender, Tea Tree, and Cedarwood which repel pests without containing toxins. Also contains no poisons, artificial ingredients, alcohol, SLS, or parabens. Animal cruelty free.

The carefully selected essential oils also leave your dog smelling fresh and feeling wonderful. For best flea and tick results, use our shampoo with our matching Fur Fresh spray in between baths. Your dog’s coat will stay clean and fresh smelling. Note: All Beach Organics herbal dog shampoos are safe for puppies and any age of dogs but essential oils can be unhealthy for cats so please do not use on our feline friends.
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