Voyager Organic Soap

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Enriched with finest oils, botanicals, herbs, spices, and essential oil blends.


Organic Sulfate Free Soap with Citrus and Mint Essential Oils
(net wt. 3.75 oz.)
The Voyager Organic Soap blend is enriched with the finest oils and butters, pure water, botanical extracts, fine clays, herbs, spices, and essential oil blends including Shea butter and a citrus and mint blend. Shea butter is naturally and deeply moisturizing and soothes dry or irritated skin. The vitamins in Shea butter are indispensable for moisturizing and retaining the elasticity of your skin.
This organic soap provides all the essential ingredients you need for good elemental balance, ensuring that your skin feels healthy and soft. The citrus and mint blend adds a fresh, cooling sensation and a delicious scent. Our handmade soaps are certified Organic and Vegan. We use only organic, sustainable palm oils for our soap.
Formulated with no parabens, phthalates, triclosan, or sulfates, and we do not test on animals.
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